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gEnKi LivING @ Arcadia

Mmm.. a place for crepes, but there’s also great drinks for all the coffee lovers out there….
Some of these items not on the menu, but you can ask for it.
– Green Tea Latte w/french roast espresso.
– The blended Frappiuccino, Iced Blend Mocha, Iced blended Latte
– The ICE COFFEE LATTE, it’s the bomb!
– Coffee Jello Milk Tea

This place is located @ Arcadia, CA. Walking inside the cafe is like going to a quite little park. Cute deco, with street lights and benches all around. Once of the coolest props is this red UK phone booth. Wonder, where did SuperMan went?
Try the crepes & drinks. Awesome place!


Sugar Rush Cafe

Being stuck in traffic is not a bad thing after all. After a long hour of hard work, it finally pays… Nothing is more amazing to me than a nice cup of coffee. “Exactly what I needed when I’m exhausted.” Anyway…. Sugar Rush Cafe @ Walnut mm.. who new, somewhere off these industrial buildings. The place is cute inside, great to sit and enjoy your coffee with some personal space. You must try the ice coffee “Angelino” it’s the bomb. It’s espresso with light sugar and milk over ice. Simple but delicious!

The LiveRoom Coffee House

Small little coffee house slash cafe. Very cute! This place is have pretty good coffee, just simple brew hot coffee or any of there blend drinks are delicious. I got a blended vanilla latte with add shot.  This is definitely a great place to chill and enjoy the breeze from the near by beach.  Decorated exactly as it sounds, “THE LIVING ROOM”. Comfortable velvet sofa or love seats for two, spacious with a few wooden tables and chairs for dinning. Jazz music!!! Check it out…. :p

Where should I explore next?

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