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Differences between Coffees

What is Latte? It is simply espresso & steamed milk infused with air.

What is a Cappuccino? Technically, a cappuccino is very similar to a latte. It is also espresso with milk. It is just more foam…, it’s the texture and how much of the milk.

What is Macchiato?  Macchiato is Italian for “marked” (with foam). An espresso shot or double shot marked with a touch of delicious frothy foam.

What is Espresso? A small 2oz shot, pressure brewed coffee using apprx 1tsp coffee.


Urth Cafe

Urth Cafe is one of my favorite organic coffee shop to hang out. It is located in LA’s Art District area. A friend forward me pictures and link about this place. It is AWESOME! The service and people are excellent, very friendly and nice. You got to come experience it yourself.
Every cup of lattes is engraved on with cute coffee art. My special drink is the Japanese Green Tea Latte & the Dolce Spanish Coffee.
You can order a small, medium or large drink. But if it’s your 1st time here, I would recommend a small drink, so you can try varieties.

Jones Roaster Coffee

Cute CounterDifferent CoffeesRoast MachineJones Coffee RoastersThis place is off Raymond out in Pasadena. Who knows a little warehouse would have such great coffee. Parking is a little messy in the morning, but there’s parking assistant. Someone assisting you where to park, but it’s so worth the wait, evening being late to work.

The moment you step out your car you can smell the fresh roast beans. The brew coffee smell…. Frangrances were exotic, aroma deep & sweet.